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Meet Monica and Vito DiMatteo, owners of Mosquito Shield of Fairfield County.  As parents of four young children, who love spending time outdoors, mosquito and tick control have been on their spring to do list for many years! Mosquito Shield of Fairfield County provides unparalleled protection as well as service that instills peace of mind knowing your children and pets are safe from disease carrying mosquitoes and, especially here in Connecticut, ticks!

Mosquito Shield provides a tailored treatment system for mosquito and tick control that is customized to meet the specific needs of each client and their yards. They will actively monitor both mosquito population and weather conditions and adjust treatments as needed, ensuring affordable and effective mosquito and tick control.  Also offering safe and effective organic options that use natural ingredients such as garlic and essential oils.

How Mosquito Control Works:

You may have heard about “spraying” for mosquitoes, but our season-long mosquito control approach produces the best results in the industry. You can’t control mosquitoes with a set number of sprays. Our powerful combination of monitoring local weather and mosquito population, allows us to adjust servicing your yard as needed. You’ll get more sprays and better results with location based mosquito control.

To learn more about Mosquito Shield of Fairfield County please contact them at:
Monica and Vito DiMatteo
26 Catoonah St.

PO Box 606

Ridgefield, CT 06877


Tick Talk! Did you Know??

Ticks are not insects, even though they are often mistaken for them. They are classified as arachnids, making them relatives of spiders, scorpions, and mites. Look closely and you’ll notice four pairs of legs and lack of antennae.

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