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Where are you from originally and how long have you lived in Ridgefield? I’ve lived in Ridgefield for 12 years but I’m originally from Long Island. My old neighborhood is where my Dad grew up and my immediate family still lives there! I named the store after the street.. Audrey Road. It’s been home to 3 generations of my family.

Tell us about your life as a working mom. You may also include details abut your husband and other family members. My two daughters, Mia and Annalisa are my life, but opening a store was always a dream of mine. It seemed like the perfect way to start working again and have flexibility to be home when they were home. Audrey Road is like my 3rd child! When the girls were younger and I had to do a shift at the store they could come after school and do their homework. Over the years they developed lasting relationships with the staff at AR. As they have grown they help out in the store or can walk around our cute town! When I first started and was working in the store more often it was comforting to know that I could always put a sign on the door that said “closed today- sick child at home” or “be right back gone to pick up daughter from school”. It’s mostly women that shop at the store so I always felt that everyone had a deep understanding of that… I’ve also loved that the girls saw this other side of me- building something and creating, making mistakes and having victories. It’s always been a great conversation starter. The girls have also never been shy to give their opinions!! I’ve been amazed at the advice they have given me.. from merchandise to social media! My husband has also been really supportive of AR from the beginning- if it wasn’t for him I could never have done it!

Can you tell us the Audrey Road story an how it all began? There was a beautiful little interior décor/flower shop in the original space at 7 Bailey Ave. I was a client and visited weekly. I became good friends with the owner as he was also in fashion in NYC. I loved chatting with him and during one of them he asked if I’d like to have a corner to sell some jewelry and vintage handbags. I jumped at the idea!! I was so excited!! Shortly after he told me he was going to close because he was moving to Florida. I was so sad- but he told me I should take over the lease and with my husbands encouragement… I did. It’s been 10 years!

Have you always had a passion for fashion? We would love to know more. I have always loved fashion… I remember always noticing my elementary teachers outfits good and bad!! My mom loved thrifting and I had a knack for picking out fun vintage pieces to add to my outfits. I always zoned into specific pieces and made them a signature in my wardrobe. I’ve always had this natural ability to dress others and make them feel good about themselves. This was how I spent my career in NYC: Dressing and styling women. I hope I’ve been able to bring that here to Ridgefield as well.

We love seeing familiar and friendly faces upon walking into Audrey Road. Could you tell us about the local moms and teens that you hire/mentor? I love that AR has been able to provide employment for local moms and teens. Each person has provided something different. I still keep in touch with many of the teens that have worked at AR. My very first teen employee (now in her twenties and engaged to be married) just called me yesterday to arrange a dinner date! I have also written many letters of recommendation and helped set up a few great internships. Now that my daughters are teens and need me (and my driving skills) more than ever I’ve been working less hours at the store. I rely on my “dream team” a great group of local moms and teens that currently work at AR.

If you could encourage a new mom to join your marketplace community- what information would you share about the offerings at the AR Marketplace? The AR Marketplace has been so awesome. I can’t believe all the hidden talent in Ridgefield!! We want to see and help share your creativity!! I think the pandemic brought out a lot of the inner artist in everyone…we have had so many moms come in and share their personal stories. I have also seen the kids come in to see their moms spots and they are so proud!! We also have local teens that have been creating as well- so wonderful!

How has the community been instrumental in getting you to where you are now? Ridgefield REALLY supports local. AR has grown in the last 10 years from a tiny corner pop up shop to a community staple. During the global pandemic when I was unsure of the future of AR I heard from so many clients with words of encouragement and helpful tips and ideas…everyone really cared! We have so many clients that have shopped with us from day one and we still meet new clients every day! I’m so grateful to have this business in Ridgefield that has allowed me to have a creative outlet while raising my two girls.

What’s been the best piece of advice you have received from another mother? The best advice I ever got from another mom is “DONT GOOGLE YOUR KIDS SYMPTOMS” I have to admit I’ve cheated a few times, but for the most part this advice has saved me from many sleepless nights!!! Pediatricians are a moms best friend.

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