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headshot  We are pleased to introduce you to  Brandi Matz, Ridgefield Mom and author of, Cultivating Calm: An Anxiety Journal.  Over the past 20 years Brandi has been fortunate enough to work in a variety of settings including residential, inpatient, outpatient, schools and private practice working with adolescents as well as adults dealing with a multitude of issues. Her goal is to help you uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating. Whether you work together in her private office or in the comfort of your own home (online) she is looking forward to joining you on your journey to a more peaceful and balanced life.

Create calm in your life―practical, evidence-based exercises for relieving anxiety

When it comes to reducing anxiety, journaling can be a valuable therapeutic outlet. Cultivating Calm: An Anxiety Journal is full of practical writing prompts, strategies, and meditations designed to minimize anxious thoughts and feelings so you can get back to feeling like your true self.

Journal your way to a calm mind with scientifically backed exercises tailored to specific anxiety triggers like clutter, finances, health, social situations, flying, and beyond. You’ll also find meditations for quieting your thoughts, getting restorative sleep, practicing gratitude, and more. With this anxiety journal, you’ll be on the path to peace!

Cultivating Calm: An Anxiety Journal includes:

  • Evidence-based prompts―Discover exercises based on scientifically supported methods for relieving anxiety, including mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).
  • Thought-provoking quotes―Reflect on inspirational quotes from motivational figures like the Buddha, Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, and more.
  • Therapeutic journaling―Process your feelings, clarify the causes of your anxiety, and identify where your fears are coming from with this beautifully designed anxiety journal.

During this unprecedented time in our world, Brandi has put together some tips for managing anxiety during COVID-19:

– Try to maintain a schedule with for yourself as well as your kids. Too much downtime watching screens and not connecting can lead to irritability and depression

– Use this time to create new habits that you have been meaning to do like starting each day with a meditation. Meditating is easier than ever now with great apps like Calm and Headspace

-Exercise each day even if its taking a walk. Get outdoors and move

-Stay connected with family and friends with video calls like FaceTime or do group calls with apps like Zoom

-Limit your online information. Its important to stay informed but you can’t get away from COVID-19 info right now. Set a time each day to learn the latest info but then turn it off. And choose one reliable source like CDC or WHO to get your info

-Use the time to clean out closets, garage, organize your home or get ahead of things that have been causing you anxiety that you couldn’t find the time for

-Take more baths. If you have epsom salt, add 2 Cups to your bath and soak for 20 mins. Increasing your magnesium will help maintain your anxiety and epsom salt is magnesium. Soaking in it is the fastest way for it to get into your bloodstream

-Recognize “What If” thinking and consciously stop when you realize you are doing it. Change your “What if” to a “What IS.” Focus on what is real for you and not what could be.

– Make a list of things you have control over and what you don’t.

Take care of your selves. Be kind and breath. We will all get through this together XO


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